The League of Questionable Morals

Chapter 8: Hobgoblin Hunt!

26th Day of Alturiak - A Flying Visit to Longreach.

The League spend the night in the Silver Moon Inn. While Tick Tock enjoys a song with the landlady’s husband, the others meet a group of adventurers who are also rooming there: Darrawyn, Thaggrunt Rockchipper, Jansen Marko and Drundle.

When this new group of adventurers mention to Ezael that bounties are posted on the inn message board, the tiefling is keen to take a look. After quickly reading the bounty messages, the League decide to pursue a hobgoblin murderer, wanted for the slaughter of a local farming family.

The League journey to the ruined farm, and from there Feynord tracks the vile hobgoblin into the Blackfen Forest.

After a brief battle with a giant spider, the League descend into an ancient and crumbling ruin, following the trail of the hobgoblin.

Within, however, is more than perhaps they bargained for; after battling goblins, hobgoblins and a bugbear, as well as a wraith, the League encounter an enormous giant wererat, and two disease-ridden plague rats.

Though the monsters are ultimately defeated, Atrocious, having sustained a bite from the wererat, is left feeling a little…itchy…



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