Dakin Nailo

Manipulative dark elf


Male Dark Elf (Drow)


Cold and scheming Dakin Nailonagazerrian first encountered Atrocious Funn and Ezael in the Dragon’s Head in Darkhaven. Presenting himself as a cleric of Shar, Dakin acquired the services of the duo in order to search for a Shar priest who had gone missing on the road through the Blackfen Forest.

Dakin crossed the path of the League once again in the caves of Balakor, beneath the Dead Mountains, where captured Feronia’s Arm rebels were being held.

Suspicious of Dakin, Atrocious and Ezael captured the drow, and handed him into the custody of Tane Granitefoot.

As Tane returned to base with his prisoner, however, his caravan was ambushed by Dakin’s men.

Dakin’s whereabouts are currently unknown. What is known is the he has taken possession of Volkof’s journal and is planning to use it to unleash some unknown cataclysm…

Dakin Nailo

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