The League of Questionable Morals

Chapter 9 - Loss of an ally

27th Day of Alturiak - Return to Longreach

After battling their way through his lair, the League finally came upon Drolluk, the hobgoblin mercenary. Though he put up a good fight, Drolluk at last fell and the League returned to Longreach to claim the bounty. However, after resting up at the inn, the league were summoned downstairs where they were to find their ally, Tane Granitefoot, mortally wounded and close to death. He informed the League that Dakin Nailo's henchmen had staged an ambush and liberated the dark elf. Fearing for Aelfsyth Igwood's safety, Tane set off on horseback, following Aelfsyth's path. It was too late, however; an ambush had been staged against the wizard too, and both Dakin and [[Volkof's journal | Volkof's journal]] were now lost. Having imparted this disturbing information, Tane's strength failed, and he died. The League immediately set out for the Tower of Wizardry to seek some assistance in this new crisis. After meeting with a librarian, Jorondea, who informed the League that nothing can now stop Dakin from realising his plan, but that there is a way to weaken it. The legend of the journal makes mention of six banes that when use in conjunction with one another, will weaken the journal's magics. Jorondea identified the horse head talisman that Feynord carries as one of the banes, and that rumour holds that another may be near Shadowville. The League set out immediately. Upon arriving in Shadowville, the League seek information at a local tavern, and are put in touch with a gnome guide who offers to take them to the location the rumours speak of. However, as the League set foot inside, a trap collapses the doorway behind them, and magical words appear in the air, indicating the gnome is responsible for the trap. Having no option but to press on, the League face a disgusting Otyugh and a Goliath centipede. But these monsters pale into insignificance compared to the foe that waited for them. An immensely powerful Warduke made short work of the League, killing each and every one of them.



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