Tane Granitefoot (deceased)

Dwarf Monk Rebel


Male Dwarf Monk


A leading member of the Feronia’s Arm group of rebels, Tane was first encountered by The League on their first mission. Sent to uncover a rebel plot, The League did just that, but got more than they bargained for with the tough old dwarf. Having incapacitated them all, Tane administered enough healing to keep them alive and made good his escape.

When next The League met Tane, it was as his captives. Tane, however, explained the dire situation surrounding Volkof’s journal, and the evil of The Black Hand, offering a place within Feronia’s Arm for The League.

Refusing to commit, The League nonetheless undertook a mission to rescue rebel captives from The Black Hand, and returned not only the prisoners, but a captured Dakin Nailo to a grateful Tane.

However, as Tane returned to base with his prisoner, Dakin’s henchmen were waiting in ambush, in posession of Volkof’s journal and the battered and defiled corpse of Aelfsyth Igwood.

Though greviously wounded, Tane rode to Longreach and was able to warn the League of Dakin’s victory before he succumbed to his wounds, and died.

Tane Granitefoot (deceased)

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