Quazit Familiar


Quasits are chaotic evil outsiders. Standing about 1.5-2 feet in size and weighing about 8 pounds, they resemble tiny humanoids with spiky horns and bat wings. They are drawn to become the familiars of mages who match their demonic alignment.

A quasit is a tiny demon that delights in tormenting mortals with vicious – and often lethal – pranks. They delight in causing mischief and mayhem. Sometimes, a quasit will bind itself to a mortal spellcaster to act as a familiar. These demons do so as a means to corrupt the mortal wizard into using her magic as destructively as possible.

Similar to its devilish counterpart, the imp, the quasit is a tiny demon which strikes from ambush and uses shape shifting (via its Alternate Shape ability) and invisibility to enter combat at the best moment to administer its poison. Though weak, it still has the innate qualities of a demon, and quasits rarely attack alone or without the ability to escape. For these reasons, it is still a somewhat challenging foe for adventurers


Orik is Tick Tock‘s familiar and messenger of the great old one which is manipulating Orik’s mind for it’s own objectives


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