The League of Questionable Morals

Chapter 7: The Road to Longreach

25th Day of Alturiak - Stirges, Bats and Crotch-Hoof

After attempting to harvest body parts from Balakor’s corpse, with little success, the League decide to move on to Longreach, stopping at a stables to acquire some horses.

Tick Tock cons the stable owner into believing that 5 of his horses are infected with “Crotch-Hoof” and that he will remove them for treatment and return them fully healed.

The League heads on to Longreach, encountering only stirges, bats and a giant snake.

Upon arrival at Longreach, the horses are placed into quarantine (for an illness that doesn’t exist) and the League heads straight to The Baying Hound tavern.

Atrocious sits alone with Content Not Found: chrenopsis, his dire wolf-like steed, while Ezael makes the acquaintance of a tiefling fighter named Darakos and a dwarf wizard. Meanwhile, Feynord seduces a local young elf woman named Limis.

During this time, Tick Tock has turned himself invisible in order to hide from the tavern’s half-orc bouncers. While invisible, he notices a wiry human with an ill-favoured look about him, eyeing the League suspiciously. The human stalks out of the tavern with Tick Tock in pursuit.

Soon arrivng at a seedy, rundown building, Tick Tock follows the human inside. Within are another human, a gnome and a half-orc, all rough looking.

A brief exchange takes place that indicates that the League matches descriptions of hunted men, supplied by a dark elf. Tick Tock returns to the tavern with this information, and the League prepare to head off to spend the night at the Silver Moon Inn in the northern area of the district…



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