The League of Questionable Morals

Chapter 6 - Dragon Desperation!

23rd Day of Mirtul - The League Renewed!

After staying in Rockton for three days, Ezael and Atrocious have been reunited with Telas and made the acquaintance of a half-elf ranger named Feynord Helvellyn, and a gnome warlock named Tick Tock.

While in the Granitefoot Inn on their third night in town, the League are approached by a blind old man, who grips Ezael’s forearm and warns him that, for taking Balakor’s treasure, the dragon now hunts him, and that the only hope they have is to fight a dragon…with a dragon.

Asking around as to who might have advice regarding dragons, the League are directed to a wizard’s home, on the outskirts of town. The friendly wizard directs them to the frozen lair of Krosheen, the white dragon, with a warning that he lairs underneath a cursed crypt; The Dead Halls.

The League navigate the treacherous halls, and lure Krosheen from his lair, who gives chase up into the crypts and out into the open and the waiting Balakor, who has tracked the League to this location.

A terrible battle ensues, and seeing that Krosheen is being overcome, Ezael levitates Atrocious, who heals the white dragon, then aids in the attack against Balakor. Eventually the red dragon is defeated.

Before Krosheen returns to his lair, he tells the League that they may ask one favour of him in the future and leaves one of his kobold minions, Gribb, with them.



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