The League of Questionable Morals

Chapter 5: Under the Caves...

19th Day of Alturiak - The League splintered!

Adair and Desenchado missing!

Puck separated by the cavequake!

Telas fallen, possibly to his death!

After resting and recuperating, Atrocious and Ezael find themselves trapped by cave-ins all around, and must take the one route left open to them; down through the cracks in the cave floor, following Telas Galadel’s descent.

Climbing down (particularly skillfully by Ezael) the duo find themselves in ancient tunnels of dwarven craftsmanship. Small blood drops head both left and right, giving no indication of Telas’ direction of travel, but providing hope that he yet lives.

Infested with goblins, bugbears and some orcs, the tunnels prove highly dangerous for the duo, but they manage to find not only the rebel prisoners, but the treacherous Dakin Nailo and his drow ranger lackey, Enna Shadowfoot. Ezael fights and kills Enna Shadowfoot, while Atrocious fights and captures Dakin.

The duo take the rescued rebels and their captive, through a secret door which leads to a tunnel which stretches all the way back to Rockton.

Upon arriving in Rockton, they are greeted by Tane Granitefoot who thanks them and tells them he has paid for three days worth of room and board for them at his brother’s establishment, the Granitefoot Inn. Taking Dakin into custody, Tane also assures them that Telas has also returned and will find them in the morning.



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