The League of Questionable Morals

Chapter 4: Crossroads of Fate...

17th Day of Alturiak - The Caves of Balakor!

Awakening in a small cell, which is clean and well maintained, the League find they have no weapons or possessions. Also in the cell is a High Elf Paladin, Telas Galadel. Of Desenchado and Adair, however, there is no sign.

The League are taken before their captors, among them Tane Granitefoot, who introduce themselves as the rebel group, Feronia’s Arm. They explain that Aelfsyth Igwood is a member of their group and has taken Volkof’s journal far away where it will be safe. Tane explains that the journal is “a great evil, that has the power to unleash a cataclysm that could destroy all of civilisation”.

However, while transporting the unconscious League here, the rebels caravan was attacked, and several of their number taken by their enemies. Among the captured are Desenchado and Adair. Scouts who followed the enemy captors have reported that they went into the Dead Mountains.

Eager to retrieve their comrades, the League set out, joined by the mysterious Telas.

After some time battling through the caves at the foot of the Dead Mountains, the League once again come across a face from their past, Dakin Nailo. Dakin is clearly hiding something, but Atrocious, weary of Dakin and his seeming manipulations, forces the dark elf to lead them through the caves.

The drow’s presence does allow the League to avoid a battle with orcs, deeper in the cave system, but Dakin’s treachery is revealed when he leads them directly through a heavy adamantine door, into the dragon’s lair where he makes good his escape, leaving the League to battle, and eventually kill, an infant dragon. They barely escape with their lives (and a handful of treasure) when the mother, Balakor swoops down from the smoke above.

The League rush from the lair, flame almost consuming them, and slam the great metal door behind them. Slamming against the door, the dragon triggers a great quake within the caves, and parts of the cave floor fall away, taking Telas with them…



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