The League of Questionable Morals

Chapter 2: Following Dark Paths...

13th Day of Mirtul - Four become two...

Not only have the League proven to Governor Dedge that there are indeed rebellious dissidents plotting to overthrow the corrupt government of Darkhaven, they have proven their own worth to him as a team.

Finding themselves two men short, Ezael and Atrocious Funn allow a drunkard satyr named Puck to join them.

While in the Dragon’s Head tavern in Darkhaven, the group speak to a flustered Bertram Berryhock, the halfling landlord.

Certain that the smugglers tunnels beneath the Dragon’s head are infested with monsters of some description, Berryhock enlists the group to clear them out.

The tunnels are indeed infested, by goblins and bugbears, but the League succesfully clear the tunnels and make the Dragon’s Head safe once more.

Their rest is short-lived however, as Atrocious had already been approached by a dark elf cleric of Shar, Dakin Nailo, who told the dragonborn of a supply caravan that was taking the Blackfen Forest road to the north of Darkhaven, bringing supplies and a high-ranking priest to the temple. It is a week overdue, and the temple want a paladin of their faith to investigate and if possible, rescue the priest.

Dakin joins the group to provide back-up, and they succeed in finding and rescuing the missing priest.



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