The League of Questionable Morals

Chapter 1: Proving Rebellion...

6th Day of Mirtul - The League assembles

Governor Dedge of Darkhaven is in need of mercenaries.

Having received intelligence of rebels plotting to overthrow the Darkhaven ruling council, the Governor offers 100 GP to the group that returns with evidence of a plot. The only lead he can offer is that there are rumours of increased activity around the disused barracks at Hangman’s Bluff, 12 miles to the West.

Four adventurers, Ezael, Atrocious Funn, Desenchado and Adair band together and set off alongside the Redwater River out of Darkhaven.

Once inside the barracks at Hangman’s Bluff, the group head down into a cave system, and after battling their way through a multitude of monstrous denizens, come face to face with a sturdy dwarf monk named Tane Granitefoot. Though the group attempt to fight the dwarf, he proves to be too much for them, and each is knocked unconscious.

Some time later, the group awakens to find Tane gone, and his quarters cleared out. How their wounds have been healed is a mystery. A thorough search of the quarters reveals a scrap of parchment which provides proof of rebellion.



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