The League of Questionable Morals

Chapter 10 - Resurrected in darkness...
Date unknown - Prisoners of the drow

The League awake in a drow prison. A fellow prisoner, a dwarf named Eldeth, explains to them that they are in Velkynvelve, deep in the Underdark.

Chapter 9 - Loss of an ally
27th Day of Alturiak - Return to Longreach

After battling their way through his lair, the League finally came upon Drolluk, the hobgoblin mercenary. Though he put up a good fight, Drolluk at last fell and the League returned to Longreach to claim the bounty. However, after resting up at the inn, the league were summoned downstairs where they were to find their ally, Tane Granitefoot, mortally wounded and close to death. He informed the League that Dakin Nailo's henchmen had staged an ambush and liberated the dark elf. Fearing for Aelfsyth Igwood's safety, Tane set off on horseback, following Aelfsyth's path. It was too late, however; an ambush had been staged against the wizard too, and both Dakin and [[Volkof's journal | Volkof's journal]] were now lost. Having imparted this disturbing information, Tane's strength failed, and he died. The League immediately set out for the Tower of Wizardry to seek some assistance in this new crisis. After meeting with a librarian, Jorondea, who informed the League that nothing can now stop Dakin from realising his plan, but that there is a way to weaken it. The legend of the journal makes mention of six banes that when use in conjunction with one another, will weaken the journal's magics. Jorondea identified the horse head talisman that Feynord carries as one of the banes, and that rumour holds that another may be near Shadowville. The League set out immediately. Upon arriving in Shadowville, the League seek information at a local tavern, and are put in touch with a gnome guide who offers to take them to the location the rumours speak of. However, as the League set foot inside, a trap collapses the doorway behind them, and magical words appear in the air, indicating the gnome is responsible for the trap. Having no option but to press on, the League face a disgusting Otyugh and a Goliath centipede. But these monsters pale into insignificance compared to the foe that waited for them. An immensely powerful Warduke made short work of the League, killing each and every one of them.

Chapter 8: Hobgoblin Hunt!
26th Day of Alturiak - A Flying Visit to Longreach.

The League spend the night in the Silver Moon Inn. While Tick Tock enjoys a song with the landlady’s husband, the others meet a group of adventurers who are also rooming there: Darrawyn, Thaggrunt Rockchipper, Jansen Marko and Drundle.

When this new group of adventurers mention to Ezael that bounties are posted on the inn message board, the tiefling is keen to take a look. After quickly reading the bounty messages, the League decide to pursue a hobgoblin murderer, wanted for the slaughter of a local farming family.

The League journey to the ruined farm, and from there Feynord tracks the vile hobgoblin into the Blackfen Forest.

After a brief battle with a giant spider, the League descend into an ancient and crumbling ruin, following the trail of the hobgoblin.

Within, however, is more than perhaps they bargained for; after battling goblins, hobgoblins and a bugbear, as well as a wraith, the League encounter an enormous giant wererat, and two disease-ridden plague rats.

Though the monsters are ultimately defeated, Atrocious, having sustained a bite from the wererat, is left feeling a little…itchy…

Chapter 7: The Road to Longreach
25th Day of Alturiak - Stirges, Bats and Crotch-Hoof

After attempting to harvest body parts from Balakor’s corpse, with little success, the League decide to move on to Longreach, stopping at a stables to acquire some horses.

Tick Tock cons the stable owner into believing that 5 of his horses are infected with “Crotch-Hoof” and that he will remove them for treatment and return them fully healed.

The League heads on to Longreach, encountering only stirges, bats and a giant snake.

Upon arrival at Longreach, the horses are placed into quarantine (for an illness that doesn’t exist) and the League heads straight to The Baying Hound tavern.

Atrocious sits alone with Content Not Found: chrenopsis, his dire wolf-like steed, while Ezael makes the acquaintance of a tiefling fighter named Darakos and a dwarf wizard. Meanwhile, Feynord seduces a local young elf woman named Limis.

During this time, Tick Tock has turned himself invisible in order to hide from the tavern’s half-orc bouncers. While invisible, he notices a wiry human with an ill-favoured look about him, eyeing the League suspiciously. The human stalks out of the tavern with Tick Tock in pursuit.

Soon arrivng at a seedy, rundown building, Tick Tock follows the human inside. Within are another human, a gnome and a half-orc, all rough looking.

A brief exchange takes place that indicates that the League matches descriptions of hunted men, supplied by a dark elf. Tick Tock returns to the tavern with this information, and the League prepare to head off to spend the night at the Silver Moon Inn in the northern area of the district…

Chapter 6 - Dragon Desperation!
23rd Day of Mirtul - The League Renewed!

After staying in Rockton for three days, Ezael and Atrocious have been reunited with Telas and made the acquaintance of a half-elf ranger named Feynord Helvellyn, and a gnome warlock named Tick Tock.

While in the Granitefoot Inn on their third night in town, the League are approached by a blind old man, who grips Ezael’s forearm and warns him that, for taking Balakor’s treasure, the dragon now hunts him, and that the only hope they have is to fight a dragon…with a dragon.

Asking around as to who might have advice regarding dragons, the League are directed to a wizard’s home, on the outskirts of town. The friendly wizard directs them to the frozen lair of Krosheen, the white dragon, with a warning that he lairs underneath a cursed crypt; The Dead Halls.

The League navigate the treacherous halls, and lure Krosheen from his lair, who gives chase up into the crypts and out into the open and the waiting Balakor, who has tracked the League to this location.

A terrible battle ensues, and seeing that Krosheen is being overcome, Ezael levitates Atrocious, who heals the white dragon, then aids in the attack against Balakor. Eventually the red dragon is defeated.

Before Krosheen returns to his lair, he tells the League that they may ask one favour of him in the future and leaves one of his kobold minions, Gribb, with them.

Chapter 5: Under the Caves...
19th Day of Alturiak - The League splintered!

Adair and Desenchado missing!

Puck separated by the cavequake!

Telas fallen, possibly to his death!

After resting and recuperating, Atrocious and Ezael find themselves trapped by cave-ins all around, and must take the one route left open to them; down through the cracks in the cave floor, following Telas Galadel’s descent.

Climbing down (particularly skillfully by Ezael) the duo find themselves in ancient tunnels of dwarven craftsmanship. Small blood drops head both left and right, giving no indication of Telas’ direction of travel, but providing hope that he yet lives.

Infested with goblins, bugbears and some orcs, the tunnels prove highly dangerous for the duo, but they manage to find not only the rebel prisoners, but the treacherous Dakin Nailo and his drow ranger lackey, Enna Shadowfoot. Ezael fights and kills Enna Shadowfoot, while Atrocious fights and captures Dakin.

The duo take the rescued rebels and their captive, through a secret door which leads to a tunnel which stretches all the way back to Rockton.

Upon arriving in Rockton, they are greeted by Tane Granitefoot who thanks them and tells them he has paid for three days worth of room and board for them at his brother’s establishment, the Granitefoot Inn. Taking Dakin into custody, Tane also assures them that Telas has also returned and will find them in the morning.

Chapter 4: Crossroads of Fate...
17th Day of Alturiak - The Caves of Balakor!

Awakening in a small cell, which is clean and well maintained, the League find they have no weapons or possessions. Also in the cell is a High Elf Paladin, Telas Galadel. Of Desenchado and Adair, however, there is no sign.

The League are taken before their captors, among them Tane Granitefoot, who introduce themselves as the rebel group, Feronia’s Arm. They explain that Aelfsyth Igwood is a member of their group and has taken Volkof’s journal far away where it will be safe. Tane explains that the journal is “a great evil, that has the power to unleash a cataclysm that could destroy all of civilisation”.

However, while transporting the unconscious League here, the rebels caravan was attacked, and several of their number taken by their enemies. Among the captured are Desenchado and Adair. Scouts who followed the enemy captors have reported that they went into the Dead Mountains.

Eager to retrieve their comrades, the League set out, joined by the mysterious Telas.

After some time battling through the caves at the foot of the Dead Mountains, the League once again come across a face from their past, Dakin Nailo. Dakin is clearly hiding something, but Atrocious, weary of Dakin and his seeming manipulations, forces the dark elf to lead them through the caves.

The drow’s presence does allow the League to avoid a battle with orcs, deeper in the cave system, but Dakin’s treachery is revealed when he leads them directly through a heavy adamantine door, into the dragon’s lair where he makes good his escape, leaving the League to battle, and eventually kill, an infant dragon. They barely escape with their lives (and a handful of treasure) when the mother, Balakor swoops down from the smoke above.

The League rush from the lair, flame almost consuming them, and slam the great metal door behind them. Slamming against the door, the dragon triggers a great quake within the caves, and parts of the cave floor fall away, taking Telas with them…

Chapter 3: Following Dark Paths II
14th Day of Mirtul - The League reunites!

Adair and Desenchado have rejoined Ezael, Atrocious and Puck.
Ezael has received a note, directing him to Volkof’s Rest, to retrieve Volkof’s journal for the Black Hand.

Battling through hordes of the undead, and a living wizard, Aelfsyth Igwood, the League eventually retrieve Volkof’s journal. Their victory is short-lived, however, as when they attempt to leave, the wizard Igwood, who they had previously thought defeated and dead, is the last thing they see as an intensely bright light engulfs them.

Chapter 2: Following Dark Paths...
13th Day of Mirtul - Four become two...

Not only have the League proven to Governor Dedge that there are indeed rebellious dissidents plotting to overthrow the corrupt government of Darkhaven, they have proven their own worth to him as a team.

Finding themselves two men short, Ezael and Atrocious Funn allow a drunkard satyr named Puck to join them.

While in the Dragon’s Head tavern in Darkhaven, the group speak to a flustered Bertram Berryhock, the halfling landlord.

Certain that the smugglers tunnels beneath the Dragon’s head are infested with monsters of some description, Berryhock enlists the group to clear them out.

The tunnels are indeed infested, by goblins and bugbears, but the League succesfully clear the tunnels and make the Dragon’s Head safe once more.

Their rest is short-lived however, as Atrocious had already been approached by a dark elf cleric of Shar, Dakin Nailo, who told the dragonborn of a supply caravan that was taking the Blackfen Forest road to the north of Darkhaven, bringing supplies and a high-ranking priest to the temple. It is a week overdue, and the temple want a paladin of their faith to investigate and if possible, rescue the priest.

Dakin joins the group to provide back-up, and they succeed in finding and rescuing the missing priest.

Chapter 1: Proving Rebellion...
6th Day of Mirtul - The League assembles

Governor Dedge of Darkhaven is in need of mercenaries.

Having received intelligence of rebels plotting to overthrow the Darkhaven ruling council, the Governor offers 100 GP to the group that returns with evidence of a plot. The only lead he can offer is that there are rumours of increased activity around the disused barracks at Hangman’s Bluff, 12 miles to the West.

Four adventurers, Ezael, Atrocious Funn, Desenchado and Adair band together and set off alongside the Redwater River out of Darkhaven.

Once inside the barracks at Hangman’s Bluff, the group head down into a cave system, and after battling their way through a multitude of monstrous denizens, come face to face with a sturdy dwarf monk named Tane Granitefoot. Though the group attempt to fight the dwarf, he proves to be too much for them, and each is knocked unconscious.

Some time later, the group awakens to find Tane gone, and his quarters cleared out. How their wounds have been healed is a mystery. A thorough search of the quarters reveals a scrap of parchment which provides proof of rebellion.


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